Rebuilding and more

So the fire in the garage did not damage my BSA B33 quite as badly as I initially thought. Whilst the motorcycle was most definitely destroyed with many nice motorcycles being transformed into unrecognizable carcasses, my B33 appeared to have escaped reasonably unscathed. The motorcycle didn’t come into any direct contact with the fire and…



What an absolute disastrous day. I planned to go to the garage to do a little work on a friends carburetors at the garage, however the car was running really bad, so I decided to try and drive it straight home whilst it was still running (it broke down about a 4 miles from home)….



After little over a years worth of work. Work on the BSA B33 is now complete and it is running fantastically. A friend helped take some nice pictures a little bit more of a professional camera than my cheap mobile phone. Pretty bloody happy with the results too. In fact, I’ll be a little sad…


Not long now!

A lot of work has been done on the BSA lately to get it finished. The rear mudguard has been freshly painted, welded, drilled and fitted to the bike. So has the toolbox, chain case cover and saddle. The saddle itself, took quite a while to build as the new large lycett type of saddles…


All the gear with no idea

Updates have been far and few between lately but that doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting around with a thumb up my bum doing nothing…no, no, no, quite the contrary in fact! A brief update…I have finally reassembled the BSA B33 gearbox correctly and have got the sucker started, first time the engine has been alive…


BSA Bobby Dazzler

I drove bloody miles down to the south of Sweden (Kävlinge, Skåne) yesterday. A 13hr return journey with another 4 hours of dawdling around and getting lost. It was a last minute decision to go down to Skåne to see the bike, I was put off mainly by the time and distance required to get down…



I managed to sneak a few short visits into the garage over the last few days. Although, there is not a lot of progress to show for it..I’ve completely assembled the engine shock absorber and clutch assembly, as well, as assembling the front wheel brake shoes and cover on. The downsides; I can’t find the torque…


Bobbing Along…

Getting some good progress in with the BSA now and the bike is now about 80% complete. Yesterday I spent the evening in the garage fixing the clutch assembly, mounting the new handlebars, mounting the oil tank, painting part of the Magdyno and breaking a bolt on the gearbox.. When I got to the garage…


That was quick

I was doing a lot of research into this old Royal Enfield last night. It was very difficult to find any information on pre-war Royal Enfields as they seem very rare but judging from the pictures and engine number and it’s design it seems safe to say that it is a Model C (1936-1940) engine….


The Next Project!!

I went to local motorcycle enthusiasts shop today (Mats Olofsson) in Skogås. I only intended to buy a few nuts and odd bits for the BSA but ended up leaving with a restoration project…A 1932 Royal Enfield 350cc. Cost: £995 Condition: Bad but complete The has a lot of potential and would make a great…